All Day I Dream About Success is here to provide direct services and experiences to underserved children and youth so they may gain the skills, values, and confidence to achieve their potential.

A.D.I.D.A.S. is a non-profit 501 c3

Interact with our troubled youth and broken young adults, by means of interviews, historical analysis, and forums for intervention. We will make our communities knowledgeable of their possibilities for a positive future,thus inclining change of their endeavor to become productive citizens in our society.

• Improve response of youth and young adults to gang activity and violence

• Improve the outlook of the youth and young adult life perspective

• Rapidly advance the opportunities of our youth and young adults

Goal 1: To get the celebrities,ministers, and activist of gang plagued communities more involved in prevention. Enhance the life skills of youth and young adults. Provide intervention mechanisms to curtail the adverse effects affecting communities. Create jobs for the youth, gang crime prevention program. Gives the at risk youth a job opportunity. All day I dream of Success will supply boxes of candy for the youth to sell in certain areas, gets them out of there environment and gives them an incentive to earn there own money. On weekends and vacations from school, summer vacations ect. We will provide drivers and transportation for the youth, an adult supervisor and or chaperone while on the job.

Goal 2: To prevent these troubled at risk youth and young adults from murdering,robbing, and assaulting our mothers, grandmothers,and other innocent family members etc.

Goal 3: To direct these troubled at risk youth and young adults to success, by teaching and offering different productive opportunities for them to be involved in so that they have something to live for. They need something tangible to see and feel, so that they know its real. Something with positive results, these at risk youth need motivation, inspiration, leadership, proper business (economic) etiquette. All Day I Dream About Success will take them on field trips so that they can see and learn about different things in a different environment other than what they are use to.

Goal 4: All Day I Dream About Success has created a sports program for these troubled at risk youth. A Youth Football Program from ages 6 years old to 14 years old. Different individual teams separated by age and weight. We have coaches and staff members who mentor, and guide these at risk youth through the program. Monitoring there scholastic grades in order to play the Sport. Giving them something positive to do as well as something positive to look forward to.

They are supplied with the safe equipment to participate in the sport regarding. They are supplied with transportation to get to and from practices and or games. Youth Basketball program from ages 6 years old to 14 years old. Different individual teams separated by age. Youth baseball Program from ages 4 years old to 14 years old. Different individual teams separated by age.

The Solution

• Motivate, lead, and inspire youth and young adults by engaging them inproductive activities that extracts tangible results

• Teach proper business etiquette to result in professional acumen

• Develop knowledge, skills, abilities and other characteristics needed to


Education Enrichment – The goal of this area is to provide a well-rounded education for youth. These include before-school, in-school and after-school programs that enhance and strengthen academic skills, expose and provide instruction in arts and culture, and allow youth opportunities to participate in new activities and a world beyond their communities. The primary purpose is to develop skills and knowledge regardless of ability and teach values such as respect, patience, self- discipline, integrity, tenacity and teamwork. High school to college transition and increasing post-secondary opportunities and success, including career and non-college alternatives. College access: The focus is on getting students to college by preparing students to apply and enroll in college, ensure that students are supported during the summer before the start of college. Following and supporting students through at least the first year of college. Post-secondary Opportunities and Success: The focus is on getting students through college by focusing on freshmen to sophomore year retention, connecting students with college/university resources and providing supports needed for college completion.

Mentoring  The goal of this area is to strengthen our program by allowing adults and youth to interact with one another in consistent, nurturing and longterm relationships that offer understanding, guidance and practical life skills. Examples includes adult- youth mentoring team mentoring, peer mentoring, and apprenticeships and internships.

Leadership – The goal of this area is to teach and develop leadership skills and principles. Educate and encourage youth about their responsibilities as concerned and informed members of society. Examples include youth advocacy, youth organizing, skills development, programs ran by youth, community service, peer counseling and peer education.

Arts Education – The goal of this area is to provide high-quality arts education that engage children and youth in arts form including, but not limited to music, theater, dance and film. Real-world career opportunities and curriculum design.

Parent Engagement and Education – The goal of this area is to provide education to parents on how to create a positive environment for their children both at home, at school, increase participation, communication, collaboration between parents and children. Both at home and at school, increasing participation, communication, and collaboration between parents, schools, and communities with the goal of educating the whole child to ensure student achievement and success.